Yoga Exercises

Utthita Hasta Padagushthasana

Our site uses a large number of traditional asans and their contemporary variations subdivided into groups by complexity levels allowing us to use effectively a complex training program targeting full coverage and training of the whole body.

The yoga exercises were created and are used to keep and support the physiological tasks of all body functions and systems, tissues and organs extending their concerted operation. On the other hand, the functional body training present in hatha yoga exercises also causes the development of power, stamina, flexibility, coordination and balance. Yoga improves the posture and appearance of the practitioners, taking them on a road to a healthy and balanced appearance. Most importantly, unlike the other sports or training systems targeting only some particular improvements, yoga improves the general health and could be called a "health conserving and preservation" practice that extends the well-being of your joints, back, muscles and organs.

Our library of asanas contains the traditional yoga asanas that were verified through thousands of years of practice and a wide number of their modifications that add depth and variety to the training programs.