How the Encyclopedia of Exercises Works

Our library of asanas contains the traditional yoga asanas that were verified through thousands of years of practice and a wide number of their modifications that add depth and variety to the training programs. We call this collection our "Yoga Encyclopedia" and make it available to you for study and reference. The Yoga Encyclopedia already contains hundreds of exercises and it keeps growing.

Exercises are presented on easy to evaluate cards with some essential information like the type of the exercise, the technical difficulty and the level of physical effort required shown directly on the cards. Here are a few examples:

Utthitta Parshvakonasana / Extended side angle
Power training

As you see, the overview is very simple. When you select the asana by clicking its title, picture, or information button, you move to the information page of that exercise. The information page contains all of the details of the exercise, including parameters, the sequence of exercising, additional pictires and a link to avideo lesson demonstrating the asana.

As an example, here is one of the asanas from our Yoga Encyclopedia:


Parameters of the exercise

Other asana names Hero pose
Type of asana Stretching
Complexity Fairly complicated
Effort Easy
Start in On the knees
Finish in On the knees
Holding time 30 - 60 - 1800
Exercise description

Virasana is the "Hero Pose". From the position standing on your knees pull the knees together tight, set your feet slightly apart (a little wider than your hips) with the tops of the feet flat on the floor, and sit slowly back. If you find it difficult to sink down all the way or you feel pain, make a simplified version raising your buttocks on a special yoga block or a couple of thick books placed between the feet. The variant with books is perhaps even better because you will be able to remove books one by one as you are relaxing and deepening the pose safely. Hold your back straight, hands on your knees, belly relaxed.

Virasana has many positive effects. In particular, regular extended exercising of Virasana removes chronic headaches. This exercise is great for the stretching of ankles.

This exercise is not recommended for people suffering from phlebeurysm, in which case only do it for a minimum holding time. If you have had a knee or ankle injury, be extremely careful or avoid this pose.

Of course, exercising and studying the asanas is great but the power of contemporary technologies makes it possible to provide you with trainings specifically created for your personal parameters. More about our personalized training here: Personal Video Training